Ebay Sales Dataset


eBay is a multinational e-commerce platform that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website. Founded in 1995, eBay has become one of the world’s largest and most popular online marketplaces.

Discover the unparalleled potential of our Comprehensive eBay Sales Dataset – the ultimate resource for sellers, analysts, and researchers seeking to unlock valuable market insights! This meticulously curated dataset provides a wealth of information on eBay sales across diverse product categories, empowering you to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic e-commerce landscape.

This dataset contains information regarding customer data and sales data from some popular categories on this site, which has been published in the form of one Excel file.

The information and data in this dataset have been extracted from sales sections of the United States and Canada. Therefore, all the data is related to these two countries.

The data available in this product is collected based on 16 different fields, which include:

 Order ID – Item Shipping ID – Item Name – Price – Shipping Type – Shipping Cost – Seller’s First and Last Name – Seller’s Location – Buyer’s First and Last Name – Buyer’s Location – Seller Rating – Seller Type – Main Category – Subcategory – Item Packaging Type – Purchase Date.

Benefits of Using eBay Sales Data:

  1. Market and Competition Analysis:
    • Understanding sales patterns in different product categories.
    • Comparing sales and performance with competitors in the e-commerce market.
  2. Enhancing Sales Strategies:
    • Determining optimal pricing strategies based on data analysis.
    • Improving marketing and advertising strategies based on past advertising data.
  3. Product Decision-Making:
    • Identifying top-selling and high-demand products in the market.
    • Analyzing customer reviews to enhance product offerings.
  4. Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis:
    • Identifying strengths and weaknesses of sellers and developing necessary strategies.
    • Comparing seller ratings and enhancing credibility in the market.
  5. Market Trend Forecasting:
    • Analyzing past sales trends to predict future changes.
    • Identifying seasons and specific events that may impact sales.
  6. Customer Experience Improvement:
    • Studying customer reviews and ratings to improve services and user experience.
    • Offering products and services based on actual customer needs.
  7. Research and Development:
    • Using sales data for research and development of new products.
    • Reviewing customer feedback for updates and new releases.
  8. Global Market Analysis:
    • Understanding models and sales patterns in different countries and regions.
    • Identifying influential factors in the global market and adapting to them.

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